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Sliding doors ( or slammed doors)

luglio 14, 2017

Recently I had many thoughts about life 

What if….

Many choices or simple events have changed direction to my planned life

You can call them sliding doors because everything could be completely different

Sometimes it is you that have slammed the door  and changed direction .. sometimes somebody else did it on your face

In any case I am what I am as a consequences of all these changing paths

My life line on my hand is not linear but Very crossed 

Looking  back to my 57 years I can see now why!!!

I have lived in 4 cities in Italy and 2 in us Sometimes at the same times I have had three houses

I have changed friends activities topics colleagues so many times!!

But always with passion and love!!!

I have been the founders of various activities .. 

I have a lot of families and friends around the world

what if… what if is a boring very boring question …

57 is a great number !!!

Happy birthday Laura !!!  

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