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Strange feelings about Torino

maggio 13, 2018

You have been in my dreams so many times.. scenery of nightmares or just backdrop..

Me walking in the viali

Me running to catch a Train in PortaNuova

Me lost in the streets looking for an unachievable goal

Me in the corridors without an office stolen or just vanished

Me and..Torino

1992 .. first time I came to Politecnico to win the researcher position

1993 my house in via Oropa

1998 the ‘death’ sentence ..a choice that has signed my life sending me in Palermo the so far the unknown the future that is now the past

In the middle, Vercelli, Ivrea, friends of my best friends.. Letizia resisting since then against the distance ( trondheim Palermo is a quite remarkable distance!!)

I come back to you, my lost capital, now, after many years .. as a very different person

I was 32, a young spirit ..

At the very end, I look back.. and I see my movies

Many movies many cities many friends many lives

Beating all odds

Enjoying the future

Enjoying life

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  1. Raimond Sil permalink
    maggio 14, 2018 6:55 am

    il tempo passa velocemente e vengono a galla ricordi  di un tempo passato che portano nostagie.

       Two S RAIMONDI Naval Consulting


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